Now Bobby James met Mary Jane, but cheated on her with Sally D

Sally D, or to be technical Salvia Divinorum, is an extremely strong psychoactive herb. The name Salvia is derived from the latin word salvare which means to "to heal" or "to save". Now all hallucinogens are primarily used for some type of medical aid, Salvia Divinorum is no different. It's used to cure such diseases and sickenesses such as diarrhea, anemia, headaches, heart, bone, joint, kidney, skin and lung discrepancies, and swollen belly a.ka. lamb belly. Now of course there are going to be some knuckle heads that are going to pervert this medical object. Teenagers found a way that they can "take a journey" with Salvia Divinorum, they are the ones that gave it the name Sally D. It can be chewed, smoked, or taken as an alcoholic extract to give them an experience of a lifetime. To some people, it's sensational and very comforting and easing. To others, it's a nightmare. The effects normally last only a few minutes rather than the 2-3 hour lovin Mary Jane will give you. But trust and believe, people really get their few minutes in with Sally. Some effects are uncontrollable laughter, past memories coming back to you very vividly, sensations of motion, feeling like an object, and overlapping realities. Some people actually come to a higher and calm state of mind even they are not in their right state of mind. Off some Ghandi stuff. The become one with nature. It cures disease, but it's a hallucinogenic drug to others. Now the worst part is, it is 100% legal. My word to you is to not touch this thing, kids really wig out off of this. One kid killed himself.

This guy right here took it for hist first time, watches how he immediately starts wiggin' out. He thinks the couch is eating him, and watch how the effects immediately go away.

If any friend of yours ask you to do Sally D or tricks you into doing it, they are not a friend. Sally D totally makes you look like a dickhead. Be smart and don't touch it.


Anonymous said...

wow this man was seriously sick. I am glad that I dont drink or smoke;)

SydniMichael said...


shit is crazy.
lowbrow hilarious.
yea.. not fuckin with it lol.