Kings Dominion Trip

The best thing I think Morgan did since school started back in August. I took a trip down to V.A. with Boom and Brytnee to Kings Dominion. Man it was great to get back in an amusement park, I felt like a kid all over again. One thing about hanging with Boom at an amusement park is that you have to ride ALL the rides. And so we did!
The Kings Dominion crew

This is the ride that's on the very first picture. My heart was in my neck when we dropped, as well as my stomach was. I couldn't even scream.
Waiting for...
..this ride!! Man this ride was OD crazy.

Ask KING Bella, he'll tell you.

Free refills all day kid

Boom and Tiana, her twin for the day, waiting for the Anaconda.

This ride was OD too, shit went underground all crazy.

Ask Q and Debo, they'll tell you.

I think Boom has a thing for not looking at camera when pictures are being taken.

All together it was a fun day, glad I went. I dead ass was about to not go because I got absolutelty no sleep the night before. Plus the night before, I was mixing the brown and white with my main man Mike and Little Sister/Mike's Girlfriend Fee Fee. So yea, we was geekin heavily all over Morgan's campus. A great weekend I had.
-joshua [slick]

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