Juhstys can't be found everywhere.

If you can remember a few months, an African American man was heartlessly and recklessly (don't even know if those two are words) killed. November 25, 2006, Sean Bell, Joseph Guzman, and Trent Benefield were holding a bachelor party at a venue called Kaula Cabaret in Jamaica, Queens. The venue was alredy being investigated by police because the venue was frequently accused of prostitution. Guzman had an argument with a female in the club and threatend to get a gun. Sometime later, the undercover cop overheard one of Bell's friendsd say "Yo, go get my gun.". The cop followed the group (including Bell) to the car as he called for backup because he feared a shooting was about to occur. The undercover cop plus the backup approached Bell and company as soon as they got into the car and told them to put their hands up. Bell then accelerated the car and ran into an unmarked police van. Some say that the officers never identified themselves as the authority. Others say that the officers failed to warn Bell and opened fire as soon as they left their vehicles. The officer who intiated the gunfire said that he saw a fourth man in the car, who fled the scene, possibly with an alleged weapon. Bell was struck four times in the neck and torso, Guzman was hit 19 times, and Benefield, who was in the backseat, was hit three times. Five of the seven undercover officers were involved in the shooting. One fired one round, another fired three rounds, another fired four, another fired five, and another fired thirty one times. Guzman and Benefield both survived while Bell died instantly on the scene.

Okay, intoxicated or not, Bell was a victim as well as his friends were. If a person says they saw it, they saw it. There were no reports of a fourth man being present at the scene. There were also no reports of a fourth man from any of the witnesses. There were also no search conducted for a fourth person. So the cop who intiated the shooting because of this so called "fourth person" was born retarded or does coke. I also find it hard to believe that Bell knew off the jump street that all those men were cops. Bell could of thought that they were people trying to high jack them. Also, Bell and company were in a car, how are they able to hear the police saying freeze? You see, that's the type of garbage I'm talking about. Police are robots, pigs, and cowards. All they know is to shoot. And you wan't to know the most messed up thing about the case? The police who fired were all aquited of their charges. That means the charges were drop for the slow one. That means that will not get in trouble at all for the really slow ones. Hip-hop blogs and black activist are going haywire because of the turn out of this case. Rapper Mickey Factz also made a song dedicated to the situation. Wake up brothers and sisters, stop fighting each other because the police are killing us!

-joshua [slick]
Mickey Factz-I'm Sean

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