Person Of The Moment: Danielle aka Boom

Stylish, funny, retro, and a little bit slow. Danielle is a seriously dope ass person. This is the type of person that is down for any and everything. She is a kid, just like me. If I were sitting with her right now and say, "Yo Boom, let's go do chalk outside" or "Lets go chill and watch some Boomerang" or "Let's go fly a kite and blow some bubbles", she would be down to say yes. That's a homie for real. She loves to dance, man you have to see her on the floor. I have definitely experienced that on countless occassions. Always has a chip for looking colorful when walking around campus. You have to hear her talk, she sounds just like a four year old lol. I love me some Boom. I'm blessed to have such a dope friend.

-joshua [slick]

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