Person Of The Moment: Gran-DaDa

Gran Dada, aka Gran Deedo, aka Gran Skridoh,aka 80 Gran, aka Gran New, aka The Gran Father, aka Gran Da Man With The Plan, aka Arediogranny!!! Meet my boy Gran Dada, hailing from New York, Gran is one of the deepest, realest, and funniest dudes on this campus. Dude knows when to keep it real, has no time for games, therefore he doesn't play them. Living a life like a movie, my nigga has seen it all, and done it all. He has stories, words, and a lifetime of tribulations. He is seen with the crew most of the time, but he is really a dude that keeps much to himself, walks with himself, lives life with only himself. That "Dolo Mission" as he would say. He has rhymes for days, so try and get at him....and get fried. Gran told me that you can't be getting to close to these people out here, because life will take them away. But I keeps my home boy close, that's my nigga! If you ever see him on campus, don't be scared to say what's good. He will keep it real. THAT'S MY NIGGA GRAN!!!!

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