a haulBACK for ya!

I have a Ethics and Value midterm coming up in like 3 hours, and dead ass I need to be studying. But I was side tracked by myspace browsing. I ended up at this random girls page. Now what made her page dope was that she had a picure of Angela Anaconda, Gina Lash, and Johnny Abatti. My heart was saturated with sorrow! DO YOU GUYS REMEMBER THIS SHOW?!?! Remember Angela's arch-enemy, that french barbie Nanette Manior?? Angela Anaconda is the epitome of real, cool, and I would wife it. This show taught that being different is probably one of the most happiest, saddest, but most fruitful plights that anyone needs to go through. It's nice to see that some people are keeping the childhood feel alive. Damn, the things I would give to relive my childhood :-(


dejanae said...

how'd the midterm go?

Virtue said...

lol...the things we cant get back..the time we took for granted!
I wish I had that time back...HAULback!lol
but yea how was the midterm big bro?

Jazmine said...