Wale Signed With Interscope!

It's been along time coming, I mean honestly. I believe Wale has the potential to be the next Jay-Z. The flow is on point, and the beats is fire. Just like everybody else, I got hooked on him after hearing Dig Dug. Then One Thing About A Playa sealed the deal, Wale is pure fire! I began to get mad when I saw him on the cover of URB magazine with Justice. Why the hell would unsigned heat be on the cover of a magazine? If he is one the magazine, why the hell is he not signed?! Well our prayers was answered. After hearing all of his mixtapes and hearing his new song, Back in the Go-Go, Wale had made it to my list as one the my favorite rappers. His untitled album comes out this fall. He is getting production from Pharrell, DJ Toomp, 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, KANYE WEST?!?!?!?! This is album is going to bring us back to them Reasonable Doubt days. The best thing is, he is about to put the DMV on the map. DMV get ready for a revolution!

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dejanae said...

never heard wale
or if i have it went overe my head
ima give hima listen