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I don't think I ever done a rant/speak on things type of entry...okay I'm lying. I try to keep my words less emotional vs. more factual and inspirational; the thing is when I get an ounce of inspiration coming out-I feel as if I'm talking too much (like right now). Normally when I write or do things like this, I tend to say something that I really want people to see, which may be my point--or simply something I want people to see. Sometimes my passion is a bit over-fueled, but at the end of the day, I'm just trying to keep it real.

I woke up with something on my heart today, I've been jumping back and forth with it for a couple of days though. In my News Writing/Fundamentals of Media Writing (virtually the same class), we've talked about the media and it's control over us as it's audience. There's much I can say about it-but I'm going to let this guy sum it up.

Where is our focus man? Now before I continue, I watch G4 (Cops, Cheaters, X-Play, and Attack of the Show) and Cartoon Network (Flapjack, Chowder, and King of the Hill). I have a Twitter and a Facebook that I check daily as well as 17 blogs other than mine that I check daily. I have Blackberry that I also go on the Internet on as well as text the battery life out of. I am also involved by new media as well, I'm just like you-but we've gone wrong somewhere. Now that I have humbled myself, I'll show my difference. We are in a world where what intrigues US (as in ourselves) is more relevant than anything else that goes on in the world. For example, the first thing we do when we wake up is see what hot stuff has been said on Twitter, then we BUST OUR ASSES to do our best to say something just as hot or hotter. Same thing with Facebook, but oh let's not go there-that place turned into a straight up brothel. We want the most depressing status for sympathy, the most funny status for laughs, and the most "bout it" status for....status. Then we post pictures of our asses, abs, titties, and so on. Then after that, we walk around outside, sit at the dinner table, get in the car-with our phones literally to our noses. Doing what--still looking to say that hot stuff on Twitter, still trying to get that depressing/funny/"bout it" status on Facebook. We live life forward but don't know how to act. Back in the day, all the people had were the radio-newspaper-and at one point the TV. Trust believe those tools had POWER, the truth was sent through these outlets and the American people were at large. Now we have tools that can get us this information EVEN FASTER, we are using it for other things.

Honestly, this show has ALWAYS pissed me off. Now, I'm not going to hate on anyone else's earnings and what they have. You got it, you worked hard for it (or not)-flaunt it. Though we look at this, and we say "I need that". Then we build this falsified image of use living in a tricked out house with 10 cars and what not. After that we look at our lives and get angry because it's not what we say on TV. Then comes the insecurity, then comes the money spent to fulfill those insecurities we may have. Another prime example...

Ugh, this show makes me the hell sick. Any of you had a Sweet 16 like these "bitchin ass rich kids"? This show right here is the epitome of the young peoples insecurities. The fact that MTV simply doesn't show music videos or anything of the type anymore is angering. MTV is a tool that is turning you into a tool, along with all these other companies that simply want your money and they are winning. This is just a mere example of how the media extorts us.

In respects to the Holiday, Valentines Day is right around the corner. I don't see anything wrong with buying your girl or man gifts and spending time with them to show love, affection, and appreciation. So you go and ass out about $70+ for the day, so what about tomorrow, what about yesterday, what's going to happen 3 months from now? Shouldn't that be everyday? The history of Valentines Day goes as a man named St. Valentine who was marrying people in Rome (I think) when marrying was banned. He was later caught and locked up, as he was incarcerated he sent letters to his love and signed as "from you Valentine". On February 14th, 269 a.d., he died from martyrdom. I don't see anything entailing someone to spend a hell of a lot of money. But if it's your demeanor, do you-BUT FOCUS ON THE BIGGER PICTURE. People go through relationship, through relationship trying to find the that fairy tale relationship. Little do they know they are being lied to, cheated on, etc....man this is shit you people know.

Society is pretty much telling us to jump, and we are saying how high. Next thing you know we are jumping without them saying anything. Beyonce can NOT dress without her ass cheeks showing out. It's not selling, why do you think every last video of hers has been pretty much the same damn thing? Her music has lost substance, ownership, and talent. "Put A Ring" on it should have been the ONLY video of it's kind.

I was ecstatic when I saw her like this, never again will that happen.

We need ownership guys, we have to look past the Polo Boots, the club, the liquor, the Jordans, the fresh clothes, the materials. We need to be the shot-callers because we obviously know that things have terribly gone wrong with society. But ownership is the key and it starts now with ourselves. I'm trying to watch my language, but KEEP IT THE FUCK REAL. I can't stress it enough. Stop fuckin' lying, cheating, backstabbing, shit talking, posing, trying and all that other shit. Grow the fuck up. When you know good and damn well that you are doing something that you shouldn't be-then STOP! I swear people are so scared of nothing. Start supporting yourselves, start supporting others who want to make a difference. No support=no foundation=no progression. All this hating shit needs to stop. I hate the lack of enthusiasm for one's self and other people; and to be honest I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DON'T READ OR LEAVE COMMENTS ON MY BLOG. Even my videos, I recently posted a video of my first trip to New York. I wanted to show my skill more than what I did. I couldn't even get a simple RT on Twitter or status update on Facebook. Like a simple RT or status update on Twitter. Would that hurt? Even on Facebook. It baffles me even more because I post things of mostly my friends, and they don't even read it. But I hold my words, because If it isn't with other-I'll just make it on my own. This is actually the first time I said that statement about people not reading my stuff. It will be the last time, because I do understand that a lot of any type of support is earned. So I'm not going to stop. I'm not being negative, I'm just being real. This post is not of any offense to anyone, it's just a wake up cool. If you kept your eyes on this post I appreciate, I'm just ventin'.



p.s.-shout out to ms.richardson

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