fed the fuck up...

..words is not going to even begin to describe how fuckin pissed i am..shit always has to go down off of someone else stupidity.and i get caught in the fuckin middle.i'm always trying to help other people out but who the fuck really has my back..WHO THE FUCK HAS MY BACK!!! check this shit...friends of mine get into a fuckin brawl after the club and i ain't swing..best believe i was posted but it aint no need for me to jump the fuck in..so why the fuck niggaz want to press me like im the reason they manz got his ass jumped..dey manz is the motha fuckin reason why shit popped off!!! i got fuckin maced...i got fuckin maced and my face and eyes are on fuckin fire...im walkin up the street coughin my lungs out eyes waterin...you would not believe how many fuckin ppl who claim they fuck with me ran right past me starin..every person who did that shit i hate every last one of you...dead ass..i aint going to approach you...but fuck ya..and dats my fuckin word..then my nigga had an asthma attack right in the middle of the street...man this shit is crazy..im done with these clubs and parties because everytime i go i am reminded of why i stay the fuck away from thm..too much shit happened..this night aint end the way i wanted too..this night done fuckd it up for alot of things......i hate this shit

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Knowledge of The Union said...

That's why I can't fuck with partying too heavy, always some damn drama. Sucks that your half-assed friends didn't help you at all.