Well, I should be following up my Thanksgiving Post talking about the endeavors of my Black Friday. Understanding that I didn't take too many picture--or no pictures at all on Black Friday, I didn't want to waste the post. I will make a long story short for B.F. Left theaters with family (12 something in the morning), picked up Ashlee, drove to Tyson's Midnight Sale in Virgina, all types of foolery, left empty handed(3 something in the morning), drove down to Georgetown to Majors in D.C., bought a hat, went to my house in Maryland (5 in the a.m.), took a nap, woke up, went to get coffee(6:30 in the a.m.), went to see Grandma, she blessed me, went to Commonwealth back in D.C. for 50% off sale (7:15 am), stood in the mosh pit for 30 minutes, left (8:45 in the a.m.), went back to Georgetown in D.C., went to Urban Outfitters, both bought pants, went back to my house (9 something in the a.m.), chilled, took her home (10 something in the a.m.), chilled more, picked her back up (10 something in the P.M.) , went to watch Ninja Assassin (11:25p.m.)---which was extremely wicked. That sums it up. If you're shopping for clothes don't expect much accept rude people and messy stores. Next year, I'm thinking a T.V., Mom was talking some good stuff so I may not even have to get one.

Now to focus on the bulk and hypeness of my break. I've been home plenty of times, but there's always one thing...or person on my mind. Mickey, I need to see my Mickey. I went home about two or three times and did not get a chance to see my Mickey and it really burns a hole in my heart. Who is Mickey you ask?

None other than the Don herself. My God-Daughter. I made arrangements to see her the second I got home for Turkey Break. Unfortunately, the plans didn't fall through for about two days-and I started to panic. It's been ages since I have last seen her, and I missed her dearly. Kathy (Mommy/BestFriend) has been bombarding me with a slue of pictures of her that make my day. It's like teasing a fat kid with ice cream cake and pudding.

She looks like her Dad in this picture

Mikayla for long, she has worked her own routine when it comes to being fed. That girl can eat, period. As you can see Kathy filled that bottle up with milk to feed her. I watched as she pretty much inhaled the whole bottle, as soon a Kathy took the EMPTY bottle out of her mouth--it was a riot. Like c'mon now sweety, the bottle is finished. So Kathy came prepared and pulled out the secondary bottle of water. They got the Momma-Daughter function poppin'.

Blurry pictures are going in style, I love this.

Needless to say I was more than happy to be greeted at the door by my God-Daughter. The feeling of being a God-Father is so honoring. I love it. I look a pictures of her and it brings tears to my eyes. Gives me more reason to be more than a man out in this world. She's definitely a BEAUTIFUL baby, I'm talking Asian-African. Not to be shallow, I'm just happy GOD has put me around attractive human beings. Mikayla added herself to the top of the list. Can't wait to see her again. Christmas let's go. Prayers and blessings to Kathy and Mike-the parents. They are doing a great job of raising her.

love you mickey


p.s.-later that night kathy called me a Mickey said, "Hiiiiiiiiiiii". :-)

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