Well, Thanksgiving was very interesting this year. I did MORE driving than eating to be honest. But the amount of left overs I have obtained was off the scale. To be quick, I went to B.Smith's down in D.C. in Union Station with my family for Thanksgiving dinner. We were only 8 deep, but hey family is family. It was a buffet so I pigged out. After that I had to travel from there to my sister's side of the family to visit them for a quick bit. Got me a plate from there as well, then I had to drive from there back to D.C. to visit my Dad's side of the family. They're Jamaican so you know they stacked me well with plates. Then I gunned it from D.C. to Rockville to visit Ashlee's family. I kicked it with her uncle for about an hour and a half watching Entourage, and YES I got a plate from his side too. Once finished there, I met up with my family in Downtown Silver Spring to watch Blindsided.

Check us out, that pretty much wraps up your boys Thanksgiving. Gary said that from now on we are going to do Thanksgiving the traditional, which is the way that I love! All the family, the late night talks, the movies afterwards! I love it. So next year, expect a better Thanksgiving recap.

now on to black friday,


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