Homecoming Week '09

Uh oh, is it that time again? It is. Who can recall [slick]'s encounter with Morgan and their Homecoming last year? Yea it wasn't all that merry. Now it's '09, my spidey senses are a little bit keener so that means that I won't make the same mistakes as last year. I'm going to enjoy this week, just go to be careful. From the Fashion Show-to the Coronation Ball-to the game, I'm going to milk it all.

First off, the Fashion Show. I really wanted to go to the fashion show, I do plan on attending a lot of fashion shows as I get older. So this year, I actually paid attention to the clothing, the size, color, textures, to see the story of each outfit. Of course I had ladies of mine in the show. Brittany, Jordan, Sharayia--holla!

This was the theme this year for the fashion, "School Days". What made this year special was that A.B.C. & F.A.M. came together to make one big show. Sadly, that picture was the only picture I got of the show. My camera chooses when it want's to work and when it wants to be asinine....smh. But it was very nice. The greeks, *ahem* Iotas *ahem*, did their damn thing. The Morganettes performance set the record straight though. They did the Thriller dance like it was cake and ice & cream. Gabby and Bree I see you! Great fashion show, good way to get the feeling for the rest of the week.

I reaally wanted my mom and more of my little sister Amber to come up and see the show. Amber is a freakin' junior in high school, I wanted to see the atmosphere she will be living in hopefully in a couple of years from now. Them coming up here a long with Ash made my night. That's my lead crew.

Anyways, this homecoming will NOT consist of any type of drinking. Well I wont say ANY, but nothing major. Leaving the liqs alone. Last proved to me that I can have fun and not be bent out of shape. Keep up with the blog to get in plug with the rest of the week.



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