[slick's] MSU Homecoming Week for 2008

I remember on one of a couple my most recent posts, I said that I had a feeling that homecoming week was going to be pretty live. Man, I have never been so wrong about something in my life. I don't know if it's me or the school (it's the school), but all together MSU is a very wack school. My week----

Monday-The F.A.M. fashion show was on Monday. It was a cool show, like it was some hood shit, but it was nice for a black school like MSU to pull it. Big ups to Brittany, Sharayia, and Jordan, they are my homegirls who were in the show. I recorded and took pictures doing what I normally do. Later that night was a party at a club that I really wanted to go to. No gas, ALL of my rides bluffed and left me. I was with Winzlow, we both wanted to go and our last resort was the shuttle. I was down, Winzlow wasn't, so I wasn't down. Today, I shoot myself in the feet and hands for not getting on that shuttle. I definitely could have found a ride back. So I'm chilling in Winzlow's room all night making Slick Talk #5, texting my friend. I tried to fall asleep on his couch because my friend didn't hit me back so at like 4 a.m. I walked back to my room and passed out. Next day, I hear that the party is very live and everyone is anticipating the rest of the week. Yea, I am anticipating the rest of the week too. But I fucking missed a hot party that everyone seems to be bragging about. smfh

Tuesday- I did absolutely nothing, because there was absolutely nothing to do. Yet, people still get at me about the party the night before. My ears are closed. I am just hoping the party the next day sets it off

Wednesday-This is what I thought to be redemption day...at that moment. Club mate was having a party and at first I was saying no to it. Once I found out I was able to get a ride there and back, I changed my mind. So me, Dave, Bella, and Winzlow, go to get some liquor to lift the spirits up. We take our shots, and we are on the way to the club. We were actin' like damn fools in the car. I am supposed to be meeting up with Lesley in the club. At that time, I did just remember that Maino was supposed to be coming through. So I get to the club, I dropped $30. Everyone knows that I hate paying more than $10 for a party. Plus this club had no line, so I started to get on edge and loose my buzz. I step in there, and I see a canteen handfull of people on the dance floor. Yes, best belive I was pissed. I run into Lesley, she is sober nun so now my buzz is flying away. Me and Winzlow were standing at the bar, with no barteneder, and Maino just comes walking by holding his hand out for a dap. I dapped him, he performed 3 songs. Everybody knew only one lmao. So then fights break out, everyone is chill, I leave Dave, Bella, and Winzlow, and get a ride back with Lesley. Wasted $30. smfh

Thursday-This was concert night with Jeezy and Dream, I definitely did not go nor was I going to the after party. So the night before, me and Lesley planned on getting drunk with ourselves and act a fool through out the whole night while the rest of her homies leave to party. That shit had me wild excited. So Thursday comes, the rest of the ladies don't want to party anymore. Yet, she still wants to get crazed. Cool. So I study for a bio test as Dave is on his way to take me to the liquor store. I get liquor come back and chill for a minute because she was busy. I study some more. At the end of the night, she didn't feel like drinking anymore. Well, I couldn't force her to do anything. So I was kind of blown, I just studied the night away.

Friday-Yeah, this just had to be the worst day of the whole week. So club black was having a party. The liquor that I got the night before was used for this night. Plus, the pep-rally was happening before club black. So I get drunk with the plastiiqz and we ride to the pep-rally. We mosey are way to the front of the line and we are in. I actually had fun at the rally. By the end of it my buzz was about to be gone so I was betting on liquoring up some more. We get back and everyone is getting ready and then we bounce. We are all getting sauced in the car. Then we get to club. The line, I mean the FUCKING mosh pit was ridiculous. Club black reinstated the reason of why I don't fuck with clubs at all. I am in there holding on to Lesley for dear life because if something happened to her I was going to loose my nut. I am not drunk anymore, I am angry because I am getting pushed left and right. I did not want to be fucked with at all. As I am holding on to Lesley, Knoelle is holding to me wild drunk as well as Paris. If anything happened to them I definitely would have been very livid too. I am also keeping an eye out for Mariah, new homegirl and our ride. So we get closer and closer to the door surprisingly then we hear, "It's $30". I was not about waste $30 again. Then I heard that was for the ladies. Ladies getting no love tonight lol! So now my crew is like fuck it. But more than half of us is like is already in the club. So Me, Lesley, Mariah, Mariah's sister, and Lesley's friend Kenan was outside trying to tell heads we are going to leave because we are not dropping $30 for these niggas. We walk back to the car, Kenan lost his phone in the crowd...oh shit. I wasn't going to let him look for that shit by himself because niggas and bitches was acting wild wreckless. So we can't find it but there is a chance that the phone is still in the car he came in because everyone rode in two different cars. So we are calling the person he rode with, Sabreya, she is in the club with Danielle, Jordan, Brittany, and Sharayia. I swear I am forgetting somebody right now. But yea.. I don't know if Merlin the magician was in there, or we have super powers. But me, Lesley, Camille, and Kenan pimped the system and got into the party infront of everybody. Not only that, we got in for free. I do thank Lesley for that. So since everyone is in and we are in for free, we decided to hang for a little bit and chill. I guess I had a little upward looking moments so far. I am pulled by Lesley pretty much most of the night. Everyone dances a little, and the feel good juices start to flow again. But Mariah's sister needed to leave. Well it's time to go because Mariah is our ride. That's when things started to get confusing within the group. That last segment of the night made it the worst though. I am not going to get into the whole thing with the rest of the night. Just heated drunken tempers, arguments, and a sleepless night. Shit everyone goes through so at the end of the day everything is going to be cool.

Saturday-WOW!! HOMECOMING DAY!! Will it be any better? Hell no because it wants to rain. So I stayed in Morgan View all day, playing video games, cleaning, and taking naps. I planned on doing not a thing that night. My week was trash, I didn't expect anything to pop off. So I'm chilling with the plastiiqz in their crib as they prepare to go to their friend's house for a big shinding. Cool for them, I don't know homeboi so I still didn't expect to go anywhere. I continue to chill and it just so happens my phone wants to break. awe-FUCKING-some. So i just go back to my room, my roommate is still there. He is about to go to Sonar and he can get in for free. He also has a car, so I take advantage of all I had and rolled with him. Now I hate the Sonar with a passion, I really do. We ride down, find a parking spot and we run into a friend. Who is being held up by a security guard because she is WILD drunk. He friend that is with her runs to us off some crazy shit. Asking if we can drive her car because she was took drunk to drive and shit. DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! Now I know if it was me, I would want somebody to drive me home. Teck said the same thing, so we took the biggest breathe and went on with it. Now homegirl's friend who asked to drive was about to catch my Stussy X Blazer to the back of her neck because the way she was coming at me was uncalled for. I know it's an emergency. But don't talk to me like a dick head. So I am holding this girl up as Teck and the other girl get the car. She is too busy apologizing as I say it's cool. I wasn't mad at her. Then she leans over and stats blowing up some chunks. Then the car rolls around. Teck is driving and her friend is in the backseat where I laid the drunk one down. I get Teck's car and follow him back to campus, then we speed back to Sonar. I get in Sonar and run right into Felicia and Jazzy and them. Winzlow and Bella were right behind them. So I am happy to be with my friends. I dance around and stuff. Yet, the whole weeks just wants to play back in my head over and over again. So my mood is curbed. The party is over and everyone is complaining about rides back home because everyone can't fit in cars. We stay there for like 30 minutes in the parkings lot. I just want to get back home that's all. We finally leave, I go back to my room and just sleep.

i swear, all I want now is ONE good random day this week, the next week, or the week aftert that. I don't care when, I just want one. Like a shindig or something involving everybody or anything. If I can catch one day to make up for this week, I will be good. My insides is screamin right now

save me, save me, save me,


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