Liz's Birthday Dinner

Last night one of my main leading ladies had a birthday dinner. Her birthday is actually on the 5th, but on that date she's bouncing to NY. I was skeptical to the fact of whether or not I'm going to make it. I was broke and gas was getting low, but hey I didn't have to eat and gas would manage.

She wanted to his Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles. A place that I remember hearing of, but not knowing too much about. I figured it was one of those super hype and classic places that everyone eats at. Just off the strength that Gladys Knight's name is on the building....boy was I wrong.

Probably the best thing they had was their half and half called "Uptowns"

So as you eat, you have a group of people up talking about..stuff as you eat. Tonight, they just so happened to be talking about friends with benefits. Something that a lot of people in are group are kinda sorta experiencing lol. That's against the fact, the fact of the matter is...these guys sucked at it. Didn't really get anywhere with what they were speaking about. They were more on that childish BOYS vs. GIRLS, when the truth is we all got our mess just as much as others. I mean at least they tried.

So after that, they had the nerve to bring this lady up for a comedy act. I had to hold my head down for that one. SHE WASN'T FUNNY!!!! She said something about her vajayjay. Who want's to know about her vajayjay?

not me,


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Knowledge of The Union said...

Who want's to know about her vajayjay?