Jay-Z-D.O.A (Death of Autotune)

I missed a day of posting so I'm slackin'. I spent my whole day at home trying to beat Zelda, which I did, forgetting that I had a cocktail party to be at, where I'm at now. As I was playing Zelda I peeped that Jay had a new track of BP3 coming out. Now let me be real, one thing I'm looking forward to on Blueprint 3 is the production, more than the lyrics. Everyone knows I think Kanye is the greatest producer out. On top of that, he's getting up with his mentor No I.D. on the track. Lord save us. Litlle do a lot of people know is that No I.D. held a lot of help on 808s. I turned this track on, the beat is absolutely bananas. I had no words but screams for this. Say what you want about the flow, I won't because I haven't really listened to the lyrics, but you can't take credit away from this beat. It's crazy. It's said that Kanye and No I.D. went in together for this track. Don't know about Ye, but No is definitely on this track. Hov done made summer hot with this one, prepare yaself!

Jay-Z-D.O.A (Death of Autotune)

throw ya diamonds in the sky,


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Knowledge of The Union said...

you realize that you linked a picture, not the song?