C'mon now....

I kind of had a rough day, from waking up to hear my mother yap and nag, to my office constantly being taken over by this one lady who says she needs to use the my temporary computer (that I have to use until I get mine) for a minute but is up on there for hours, to the train station being overly packed with ignorant ass commuters who are rude, to getting home mega late again for taking a detour on the train.

But then this struck. Michael Jackson pronounced dead today due to cardiac arrest. I'm not going to over rant and rap yall up. But at the same time, I can't be nonchalant with what I have to say because I'd feel I'm being insensitive to MJ's passing. I don't care how you felt about Jackson, he made great music. Is much as you know that's an understatement, you know how serious I am. He changed worlds with music. He ran into trouble and people shunned him for the things they THOUGHT they knew. This man only had his kids, the only love I saw genuine towards MJ was from his kids. I said it on Twitter, and I'll say it here. No one should make money off his MJ's assets and what not EXCEPT his kids. No brothers, sisters, mother, fathers, music reps and etc. None, If he has unreleased music, his kids should be the one to release it. No one deserves to make a dime off his is legacy but his kids. They did and is still doing it to Pac! I can't even begin to understand the legacy he laid for music. Then he came out with this!!!!!

I first saw this and claimed it the best Ebony cover EVER. This dialogues in stones, MJ is not going ANYWHERE. His music will forever be with us, and I'm partying to it until the day I die. I hope GOD is speaking to some people's hearts. If you didn't know, original Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcet passed yesterday and comedian Ed McMahon not too long ago. It's no joke, let's all stop the fake shit. Let's love. To all my Family, I LOVE YOU ALL. MORGAN AND ABOVE!!! LET'S LIVE AND REJOICE A GOLDEN LEGACY!!!



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Anthony Lee said...

I agree,
alot of surprizing

but this one, is tough.
RIP Micheal.