Back in the Go-Mode

So we're done switching gears, R.I.P. to Michael Jackson and his soul. It'll live for ever. Now to the people who are going to continue his legacy!

Lupe Fiasco-2 Ways snippets

Lupe Fiasco-Ladies & Gentlemen snippets

As I was passing out last night, The Forum posted up two links with new Lupe snippets. My guess is that they're from Lasers, my guess is that Lupe may be pissed again. Don't see why he should though, just 30 second snippets. But I will say it's kind of early in the game to be getting this. The album doesn't SUPPOSEDLY drop until December. So it's a 50/50 look. Well, the tracks are cool. Not mind blowing, but a 30 second clip isn't built to blow your mind. I wasn't blown away by The Cool's 30 second sampler, now it's one of my favorite albums of all time form beginning to end. As far as any other leaks, I'm going to wait until December for the album. I miss that first feeling I get when I listen to new music. Lupe is going to just fine.......next!

Hov dropped the video RIGHT AFTER the B.E.T. awards last night. Yes, I LOVE IT. The nigga is splash all over the damn place. Hov is the man, the video adds like 5 more two pieces that this song gives. It's off some Carlito's Way to autotune and what not. BP3 is going to create another core for earth, I'm scared I swear. September 11th let's go!



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