20 and beyond...

So 20 years of me living took place yesterday. It feels great to be 20, it sucks that I'm not a teenager anymore. I going to miss saying "--teen" after someone asks me how old I am. 20 is just...."twenty". Bleh, it's all apart of growing up though. Speaking of big boy stuff, I sitting in my NASA office now. I wearing dress clothes and stuff! The office people aren't assholes this year. I remember last year fuckin' with the SBA, those guys were complete jerks. There were strictly 4 people in there that I was down with in there. But it's all working for the better in here. I got a quick tour of the building earlier when I was with my supervisor earlier. I actually had a class with her daughter last semester, who is slightly on the bad side (bad meaning good not bad meaning bad). In any case, NASA's building here is dope. I actually went in the administrators office, which is damn near a museum. It has all these pictures, models, awards..it was like I was in a movie. I'm meeting all these people, deputy administrator to point a unique one out. Got to make it my business to meet the head administrator, he's black. Ehh, I'm rambling. My birthday was cool, calm...well the DAY was. The way I brought it in was full of liquor and Morgan State. [slick]cretion, and all other stuff. Woke up, left school had crabs with the wife and her mother, then came home and had dinner with Mom and my sister. Mom bought me these Banana Republic loafers and another shirt for work. For those that don't know, Mom bought me HELLA dress clothes like 3 days ago. My sister bought me two dress belts and HELLA dress socks. I was set and mad happy, because this is stuff I really needed. Trust me, getting stuff that you need always beat the stuff you want. I was pumped to see all them dress socks and those belts. I DID want some Yeezys and other stuff, but these were just fine. This year was different though, I didn't get as much happy birthday text or calls like last year. I was KINDA down, but I was happy because I knew the people who actually called or sent me something to my phone were the people who really are down for me. I'm not knocking the Facebook wall comments. But I like the phone treatment, it's more heartfelt. At the same time, people do act funny, so I wont hesitate to say that some people are funny acting for not hittin' a brother up. It's cool, it's life, I just have to live it. I'm still working on growing up, and understanding the whole process of friends...better yet people who say they are you friends. They come and go, change with the seasons. I'm the type where I like a BIG social setting with a BIG social circle. I'm just starting to deal with the fact that I can't have that at Morgan, people are just to.....That's the talk I had with one of my friends a couple days ago. I heard soo much shocking stuff about people and how they've changed and situations they're in...smh. I'm good though, they'll be fine if they just wake up. I'm going to update soon with pictures from work, look alive folks.



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Congrats wit yo young ass!