Slick Talk-The Lost Tapes

Part One

Part Two

Man, it feels good pushing this video out. For a while I had tapes just sitting around collecting dust. But it had the smoothest footage on it! I would constantly throw the tape in my camera to watch what I have seen plenty of times. I even had old footage on my computer that were setting doing nothing but taking space. I need that space. I was on my way to just deleting everything until I sat done and actually looked at what I had. I could put a bunch of smiles on people's faces with this stuff. So before I stocked it away for good. I wanted YOU all to see what I have been saying for over a year. It's back when me and my crew was in our Golden Era. It feels good to see what our demeanor was.

So to all my friends, some of you I still speak to and some I don't. Either way, on my end I have not lost any type of love for you. I love you all, and I hope that we can continue to showcase the college life the best. Because no one knows how to do it but us! Peace and Smile!



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