B ALive Presents...Conscious Thoughts Movement Launch

OOOOO AAHHHH...HEALTHY shit!!!! I know you guys remember my friend Nicola. I made a post about her a while back during Winter Break. We discussed making moves together and we were serious. Nicola and a close friend of hers decided to do something new and launch a healthy living forum event. Something like hitting the club, but not really. Of course I had to record this event. I felt that this was something new to enjoy, and I definitely wasn't going to be missing the very first one!

The leadin' ladies!




In the club you get free drinks, hear you get free books!

You would find him to the left of the books...he was playin some tunes...

The reason for the seasons...pun intended??


The ladies doing their thing..

I wasn't reluctant at all when I heard about this event, I knew that I was going to be part of something different and refreshing and informing. The way we eat is vital to are physical and mental capacities. We all need to be aware what we are buying and eating. I don't know when a next event will be up, but know that there will be one! I recorded of course, video will be up by the end of this week.



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Knowledge of The Union said...

that's wassup I know some of the cats that put this on. Glad it went well and you liked it