Still in the spirit...

The 3rd also had it's shine of light with another birthday. Now this birthday was a little more pressing than others. So mean and Winzlow decided to take matters into our own hands and do a little of our own surprising.

Now if you know the situation, she is not one of the greatest Jay-Z fans. She actually dreads the nigga, but you can never go wrong with Reasonable Doubt. "It's a universal gift", says Winzlow. I mean hey it's such a great album, plus she also said she would listen to it! Now she ended up telling me she wanted all four Ye albums. Well my money is not long, I am a broke college student. So I went of on an extra limb and copped her the KanYe West College Dropout Video Anthology. This is something that I NEED. But rely on the kindness of MOI!

Knowing me, I had to spice up the delivery

So I ran that to her crib and had it waiting for her when she got back to her room. Of course it was a success, smiles and everything! Lol, I specialize and stuff like this.

happy birthday miss



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murdaa.. said...

OMG JOSHHHYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!! you are singlehandedly the BEST person alive !! thats why theres a special place in my heart for u.. next to the spot reserved for kanye..<3