It's a Morgan View Thing

Almost every two weeks, Morgan's some what nice apartments have parties or what we call..shindigs. They are either regular parties, or surprise birthday parties. They happen every where at the most randomest times of the day. Yesterday, I was chillin' in Winzlow's crib doing homework, through out the whole time we heard the loudest yelling, screaming, wooing, all out of the festive mood. We gave in and decided to take a trip down the hall to see what the hub-bub was about.

Of course it sounds like there is more people than there actually is..unless you're foolin' with my crew. That's the nature of most of the parties up here, this party was no exception. We stepped in there, it felt like a student center party or the Sonar or Bedrock when it's poppin'. It definitely smelt horrid. So the set up goes...

..you have someone working on a computer hooked up to speakers for music, because you're too broke to afford an actual decent DJ..

..and you have your usual drunken mob who moves their body like nymphos..Stu must always be there

..then you'll have people from my crew in the area, just to have a couple drinks and to see how it is...we are never to involved with other peoples functions

So then things will at least seem that they are going well until you hear a loud and hard banging on the door. It can be either A. The R.A., B. The Cops, or C. some one being drunk and trying to scare people. Either way people will run under beds, in bathrooms, closets, etc..

..to make fun out of a tense situation, try taking pictures..

Azia, the birthday girl

That's how the normal shindig goes, usually people return and get things kickin off again. If it gets serious, then the cops may come back again. That's when they start to do things like throw you against the wall, and mace you, and nightstick you like you were a strung out. I'm kiddin but I doubt that it's far fetched.

we out chea,


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