Simply Amazing

Whenever my mind gets caught in the left zone in school, I always come to seek info from this guy. Everytime I go back on youtube and peep videos of his performance live, I am ALWAYS motivated...to move crowds and masses of people just like him. Being on stage with him?? Please, main man will not know how those quick 5-6 minutes seemed like an eternity to me. Every inch of [slick] in high and low fashion jumped out of me. I don't think I will ever be in and out of my element like I was on October 6th, 2008. I swear, put that on everything, I'm going to make an impact on people just like this P does. This is my NUMBER 1 source of fuel for inspiration. My #1 dream is to perform all my favorite N*E*R*D* songs on stage in front of a crowd. That will be the greatest blessing EVER.

gotta meet him,



Knowledge of The Union said...

damn that video got shut down quick
that's awesome that you can pull so much inspiration from him. Whatever motivates you stick with it

Anonymous said...

OMG .. he can sneak thru my window any day ;] lol