Ronnie Love

Introducing the most sus nigga on campus, Ronnie Love. Dude is everywhere and no where at the same time. I could't even tell you where he is at now. Dead ass no one knows when this dude was born. Facebook says February 14th, which coincidentally is Valentines Day. A V-Day B-Day + Love fore a last name=SUS. That's the only word you can say when you speak of this dude. Is Love even his last name?

So a while back there was a Delta Party in the Student Center and niggas got craze and took their shirts off. Yes I was included, but don't start judging! Anyways, there was a certain picture of me and my niggas:

Niggas commented on the picture, THE CAMERA made DJ look wild brolic and some people commented saying that. But then came Ronnie, now you've seen Ronnie in [slick]TALK and other videos that I have made, yea that's my nigga. But you've never seen Ronnie like this.

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LMAO....all following thoughts and comments should be kept to themselves!

P.S.-This is not a head shot...no pun intended. This is all out of love...no pun intended....smh



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Knowledge of The Union said...

I'm really mad y'all blasted him out for 2 days straight and he didn't say shit!