Bread Breakin'

It's not everyday you get a very well cooked meal at Morgan State. Let's face it, the Refac and Canteen is out for our stomachs and bowels. I don't see the old Jamaican man that made the pizza in the canteen, some other canteen lady does it. Therefore those pizzas are straight trash, I'm tired of those toughly fried chicken wings and tenders. Those soggy ass fries aren't cuttingit, and who told those fools to buy RANCH flavored seasoned salt. I never even knew that shit existed. Sadly but surely those healthy wraps, that I said I was going to be eating in a few post back, is starting to get routine which means, I'm getting sick of them. That's just the canteen though, don't get me started in that bum ass Refac. One of these days I'm going to go in depth on the difference between the Canteen and Refac. Canteen has essentially the better food, shit still is nasty. So you have campus food, but then you have some one like Mona.

Which is short for MonaLisa...yes I have a friend who has the same name as that picture with that lady on it. At the end of the freshman year, Winzlow and I were Blount's Uhaul. We helped at least one girl from from every floor move out there room. Mona just so happened to be one of them. Now if these girls felt as if they weren't going to be coming out of pocket for our services, they were highly mistaken. Mona, being the smart lady she is, decided to cook for us. She cooked a good meal of fried chicken and I forgot the rest. This meal took place early first semester. Ever since then Winzlow and I made it our business to grab another meal from her. SOOOOOOO, yesterday rolls around, and Mona wants to cook again. We just have to get the stuff. I got the cornbread mix, macaroni, and milk. Other people got the other stuff. I was sooooo damn prepared for this meal appetite-wise. This time, it wasn't just me because it was for like 6 or 7 other people.

That's Chi-Town, 1/2 of the funniest group of niggas alive. Winzlow is the other half in the back

So she commenced to cooking and I definitely had to get pictures of it before everyone else came and I wouldn't have space to move. You know how you got some people who you worry that their cookin' is going to be not so good. But when you're working with Mona..

She will never steer you wrong. I am not a big fan of home made macaroni and cheese, I probably don't like macaroni and cheese at all. But Mona turned over a new leaf for Mac & Cheese, at least for hers. I would have taken a picture of my plate but I dug in as soon as dinner was served. She's up there for great cooks at Morgan.

bon' apetite!,


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