[slick] is employed...

...and I let off a big sigh of relief. I was wild shook walking into that interview. I was thinking that I was going to be interviewed my the prissiest white girl the world can offer. come to find out the whole crew is very chilled. now I can finally make some type of money; for some odd reason I really wanted to work here. I never did clothing retail before. understanding that I really don't where Abercrombie & Fitch like that, I thought working there would be interesting and maybe I could pick up another sense of fashion. and I damn sure think I am because there is this flannel shirt in there that is setting it off for me, I needs it. so of course I have to wear some of there clothes understanding that I am working there. I am going to go all out working there lol. shirts, jeans, I don't know about hoodies, but it's going to look like A&F birthed me. the downside to working there is that I think I have to shave my mustache....great. anything for some money though. they got me as IMPACT which means I am going to be working in the back folding stuff. either way I wont be dodge that cologne smell. I went in there for orientation and came out smelling like I was baptized in Fierce. can't front though, it's a poppin' smell.

let's get this bread


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Knowledge of The Union said...

ughhh Abercrombie? Nah congrats, hope you like it so far, retail can be a beast sometimes