Finally seeing the blackness in me..

I don't know wtf it is with me, but my eating capacity is slowly turning into never ending. since I have been home, I have always been hungry.....all the fuck I eat was fast foods and stuff. Winzlow and I both said we would get on our fresh gear as well as our working out tip. Winzlow already beat me to the punch with the work out thing. but I swear, if I keep eating like a carnivore, this slimness of goodness wont be that slim or good anymore. I mean google Norega and try to find a before and after, even though he is on a diet now. dude freaking blew up. things really didn't hit me until I compared the meals the me and my brothers ate when we went to the Cheesecake Factory...observe----

tony's meal

steven's meal

my meal

....what's wrong with that picture. yea rely on [slick] to get the hoodest meal at one of the most prestige restraunts us college kids know. smh, i could have tried something new that day. in any case, starting now im going to try to eat healthier. anyone have any ideas on what to cop when next time i go?

drop that knowledge,


p.s.-for the oddest reason, i am expecting arien to comment on this one

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