Can we go baaackkk...

...i find it so freakin' hard to watch this video. man i miss the louie bag carrying, polo wearing, collar poppin Kanye. like my stomach gets freaking butterflies in it when i here through the wire start up. don't get me wrong, i love Kanye no less than the beginning stage. but the Ye you see in the video is the Ye that I recognize and love the most! Ye has gone through stuff, and I guess he is venting out now with his music and choice of career. I know that has to be it, it's a gemini thing ya diig?? like the new music and new sounds, i definitely fuck with, and yes I love 808s. but I love college dropout even more. thing I can't fuck with is that damn bush-hawk he got going on up there with the taper on the side. gtf outta here Ye..now that aint smooth! in any case, Ye can never forget that he made college drop out and the affect it had on people like me. in any case college is bumming you out, listen to college dropout...



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