Person of the Moment:Joshua

Now don't go off one foot thinking that the only reason why he copped person of the moment this time and you didn't is because we have the same name. Well that kind of contributes to it, but still it's all out of love! World, meet Joshua Jones, the light skinded version of me. This has got to be one of the goofiest guys I ever ran into. Other than Winzlow, this guy has me on the floor grabbing my gut because he has me laughing. Joshua is also one of the pre-college "07ers" so we go way back. We really didn't start hanging out like that until early this semester. But we have always been talking about hanging out making some serious moves. Joshua likes to get out and have fun and has no problem taking others with him. This is the only dude that said yes when I asked, "Do you want to play games in the game room?". Yes, I know I am a geek and nerd. Joshua also provides some of those great words of advice, especiallu now-a-days. He says alot of stuff that helps me out. Either way, Joshua is a great dude and every person should seek a friend like him! Waddup fam!


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