Election Eve

It's finally here, change, a new day. I feel as if Obama has the umphs to make me like America. One thing that I truly like is that his plan is going to take time, but in the end it will bring America back on it's feet. Lol dogs and cats will start to be friends once he is president. But I will most definitely say R.I.P. is his grandmother who just recently passed off of cancer. But tragedy brings a great triumph, and Obama sings that song. I have already filled out my absentee ballot while the bulk of the people I know went home to vote. People I have never been the one to dabble in politics because for 8 years, George Bush killed all my cares and concerns. But now, our knowledge and involvment in this years election is so vital. Please, if you are registered to vote get the fuck up and vote! I swear I don't want another 8 years of bullshit, terrible leadership, skyrocketed poverty, divorce rates, gentrification, homicide, and lies.


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