[slick] and the rest of me.

This is the ultimate of boredness I have experienced in a while. I figured that I would update the blog understanding that I am trying to step my blog game up. I need a freaking camera, not a camcorder (which I already have). Well yeaa, behind me sits a Dreamcast, in front of me sits a Super Nintendo, and in my backpack sits a PS1. I'm in the room with Teck chilling planning the rest of my week's outfits out. Yea I have a knack for that retro stuff. Yea it's that time of the year again, Homecoming 08', I kind of expect this one to be a bit more live than last year's. This may be the freshest week that I may experience at Morgan State this year. I want my stuff to be loud, what I wear that is. I guess that's how I have always been, even when I was little. I just was never to get what I really wanted until this past summer. I went balistic this summer. But, I am happy because alot of the things I bought expresses what I feel. That's how my mind is, it want's everyone to know what's going on. But then again it doesn't. That shit has a mind of it's own and moves at will. I think that is wild dope though, I might draw a picture in my journal that represents that. Either or, I wan't to be a loud person by being as quiet as possible. The only way I can see my self doing that is by my dress, my art, and this bloggo right here. I def need to step my clothing game up though. I bought a whole bunch of stuff this summer but I hardly have enough. So many differenty things saying 1000 different things. AAHHH I love the way I think...sometimes. Only when I am thinking about progressing myself. Like I said, 90% of the time you see me, I am always thinking...always. I always have something in mind, whether it's a Slick Talk, a picture, a party, a anything! I just want to be the sharpest needle in the haystack. I figured that thinking and initiating is the best way for me to feel good. Everytime I think about progression I feel good, I just need to progress and everything will be fine. One thing that really got me thinking so much about progression was the Common X N.E.R.D. concert. Being on stage with my source of inspiration and seeing my favorite rapper on stage just set life off for me. I would watch videos of Pharrell and his ventures. Like, this guy is doing what he does so loudly and humbly, and he is so damn good at it and everyone loves it. That's exactly what I want to be like, and have not a care in the world of what people thinks. Surely, it's not much who appreciate and dig a mind set like mine, hell at one point I didn't even dig it. I was too busy trying to help other. Whatever I do, is what I do. It's regular, it's second nature, it's my practice. I don't classify it as cool and above the rest..cuz..iono...I just don't. But either I am working on loving myself....[slick] and the rest of me. Greatest gift anyone can have.


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retro-junkee said...

I know exactly how you feel bro....