Person Of The Moment:Ashlee

My, my, my, my ,my.....ain't that a hot pic of Ashlee? I swear she looks like she is 24, but she is 17. So that means keep your hands off of my sister or I will be forced to get the murk game poppin'. World, meet one out of three of my sisters, that are really not my sisters, Ashlee. Like we first met through a past relationship I was in. We used to treat each other like garbage and call each other names and stuff like that. She'd stick to calling me an alien which resulting her winning every word battle we had. Like that's all she had to ssy and I would say no more because I cou;dn't think of anything to come back at her with. So to commemorate her alien word, she is myAlien in my phone. As my senior year came to an end, we became cooler and cooler.

Now we are ice cold. Ashlee definitely is an unseen gem out in these streets. I would prefer she remain unseen because I will definitely put niggas out of their misery if they screw around with her. She is smart, funny, and definitely a great person to talk to. I even find myself learning mad shit from her when we sti and talk. That's how I know my little sister ain't so little anymore :-(. Ash is on that same mode I was when I was in my senior year. What ever problems comes up in school, she says just one thing: "I am going to college". AAAHHHHHHH, I used to say that shit since the first day I stepped into Springfuck High School. That's how I know Ashlee is following her big brother's footsteps. From late night and long ass talks in iHop, to trips all over D.C. and Silver Spring, to making sure nobody lays a finger on her at all these damn parties she be going to, to giviing her pep-talks on how not to let noooo nigga get her goodies, to her telling me not to let no one mess around with my well being, to laughing our asses off while watching Pineapple Express, to her helping me load my truck with my stuff for second semester, to her calling me drunk and cussing me out, to me getting slightly mad about her calling me drunk, to us not talking for like a week because she cussed me out drunk, to me just so happening to run into her on the bus after not speaking for a week, to us becoming friends again after we saw each other, to me calling her drunnk almost every night when I am drunk (but I don't cuss her out. we...well I created as rule list for drinking. it goes like this):

If I don't, you don't

If you do, I will

If I do, you possibly can't

If you can't, toooo bad (that's a new one)

to her coming to Towson so I can watch over her with my glock, aaaalll the way back to the time we became friends, Ashlee is definitely important in my life and if you realized the type of person she is, you'd want her to be important in your life also. So don't bluff and be real....and don't touch.

love you Ashlee,
big bro

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