I think MTV saved itself.

I am not that much of a MTV viewer like I used to be. Honestly, why did MTV stop showing music videos. It is MUSIC TELEVESION, smh. Plus all these wack shows like Parental Control, Date My Mom, Next, Exiled, and what not are all garbage. The Real Worlds are not what they used to be, and who in the nastiest fuck would want to be Paris Hilton's "BFF"? Anyways, I have been seeing the buzz on Man and Wife for about a couple of weeks and figured its going to be another sorry scripted black VH1 show that just so happens to be on MTV. One night I actually got the time to watch it and I was overly shocked and impressed. The show was actually good...very good. This show gives the ins and out on sex and relationships. You can ask anything you want on the show and Fatman Scoop and his wife Shonda are going to do the best to concoct the best answer they can for you. A couple things that I dig about their show is that they don't judge, no matter how simple and silly the questions ask. Scoop said it on the show, that it's cool that we are learning about things together as people no matter how much people think it's bullshit; they too are learning along with the audience. Another thing the show gives is originality and a great amount of comedy. I am definitely learning what I can from the show, if you know me well...I am certainly dumb on what 50% of what the show is about.

But then again......I'm not ;-D

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