my sanity is tellin' me I need to chill
I'm about to set myself up for on big thrill
several years of strength is about to leave me
but I don't fret, I'm going to go through willingly
the righteous voice says that I need to come home
but home is the only place that I tend to run from
I can't trust anyone, so it's a dark but new age
and I'm buildin' up a plan for my very first Skypage
My "S" in Skypage it really stands for sex
and when I pick it up I hope I'm near the next
level of happiness, because I just can't find it
plus I'm lookin' for no chick that wants to time it
you came crashing down so let's commit my crime
you had a Skypage so I got mine
we both picked it up so we can cross the line
the line has been crossed
back to your scheduled programming
......deep, must find who wrote this