The Art of Saving

I know you guys have seen my expense list a while back talking about the things i wanted to buy. Yea that expense list some drops, but so much stuff was added to it. I have NEVER in my life spent as much money and did as much shopping as I did these past three months. Like I never had as much money as I did, and all the stuff I wanted to buy years ago, I finally could...and so I did. I bought soooooo much shit, I don't regret it, but I will say some stuff could have waited. All together I am happy with my purchases, I just need to learn how to save. Honestly if you can't save a penny you are down for the count. I know there are some heads who have crazy clothes, shoes, jewelry, and cars but don't have to bred to show up for it. Like you CAN'T make only six figures when you are going to have six figure expenses. So make your six figures and build up on it with something less so your empire can slowly grow. My means to get money has recently turned mean. The drive is crazy and the rush is an experience. But it's the root of all evil and destruction. Save your money...better yet manage your money my friends. We all have a life to live.

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