Expenses List Updated.

Sprint Instinct-375
Nike SB Griptape-90
Nike SB Lebanon-75
iTouch 16GB-400
Nike SB Donatello-130

What's striked out is what is bought. I took the PSP and Nintendo DS off because those things can wait. I took the Jordan Package off because my connect wasn't able to make the moves for those. I moved the Donatellos down to the bottom of the list because I am going to put those on hold. For some odd reason I feel as if I am going to find them cheaper. I'm going to wait until the school year starts before I get those. I definitely need a new music device coming into this new school year. So much music is coming out this fall, plus I'm going to start buying the CDs that I have downloaded and listened to frequently.

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chill till infinity said...

where u find those griptapes, i saw a dude in philly rocin them