Pretty girls are motivation....

I always knew who Vashtie Kola was, but after seeing her once again on NahRight.com doing a funny video with Kid Cudi. I was taken away by her prowess of beauty (<-- off my poe stuff). I swear she has got to be one of the baddest things walking on this earth. Visually and physicall, you ever wanted to know what I look for in a girl? This is it right here 100%! Her style is impeccable, her beauty is irresistable her, she definitely has got me goosin'. BUT, goosin' is what I will do as I am only Joshua Slick Wood, and she is Vashtie Kola, director of the unofficial Us Placers video and girlfriend of Pharrell Williams. Rumors say they broke up, but just the simple fact that he had that. Yeah he is one of my favorite artist, but im hating right now. I'm just motivated to find one just like her!