The Spotlight: Asher Roth

I've been meaning to post up this guy, he brings that straight fire. Like I said, I really am not into the up and coming game and stuff like that. But Asher Roth takes the f'ing cake. After hearing him on the infamous Canon beat, I went crazy. This dude first off sounds just like the blonde bomber, plus he spits straight crack as if he were sleeping. He recently was noticed by Akon, :-(, and is now part of his camp. I have some type of hunch that Roth won't be sticking with Akon forever. His vision is just too different from all these other rappers. He recently just put out a A Milli remix along with the other thousands of people. I thought he was going to show his lyrical prowess. But he decided to do that and talk about his difference in the stance of the game; also how money isn't everything and we need to look out for the kids who have nothing to eat. It sounds like he was aiming at someone in the beginning, but I won't name any names. All together this guy is hot, he has an album coming out late this year which I am definitely looking foward to him. Check out his A Milli Remix and a the Rap City freestyle by him below.

A Milli remix-Asher Roth


Knowledge of The Union said...

I'm kinda blown that of all the underground people on the come-up, you picked this cat to spotlight. Dude spits pretty decent, but his voice is garbage to me. And he's real proud to be nerdy. Maybe its just me, but I can't fuck wit him

Malcolm Peter said...

oh ok im feeling asher and his name. good look..im limewiring him as I type. lol

btw..im feeling the blog. keep up the good work. its very informative.

Yem said...

man josh, we already talked about this dude, just gotta sit back and wait for him to get big