Quite possibly the greatest album I ever listened to...

I had this album on repeat for the past week and a half. If you guys feel as if you can't relate, or know one listens to you, or if you are just that depressed..listen to this album. This is Gym Class Heroes second studio album that came out in 2005. This whole album takes a darker, slower, eerie, and emo turn into music. I use this album for therapy of confusion and anger. It's like the songs can't miss a person's problem. If you feel lonely, listen to Nothing Boy vs. The Echo Factor, if you feel depreesed, listen to Everyday's Forcast (GREAT SONG), weary from a relationship, listen to Papercuts, lost a loved one or a friend, listen to So Long Friend and Faces in the Hall. Faces in the Hall, I'd recommend that song for people who take life for granted or for people who backstab or talk down to others. I won't tell you what the song is about, but it's a deep and touching song. I am happy I came across this album, it has helped me to be sane for the past two weeks of all the bullcrap I've been going through, or put through. It allows me to breathe, and it allows me to be happy because it's like I'm making a connection with the music. It's like someone is ACTUALLY listens to me.....yea I know I'm weird

"Don't be a slave and behave the way they do, just utilize the gifts that GOD gave you".

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