I'm slowly adjusting my top 5 rappers

I watched this over and over again. Not because I thought this was funny, but it has to be one of the realest pieces of media that I have seen in a while. I honestly believe that every word that he said was true. It's a shame that todays motive in hip-hop is all about the money. Alot of artist don't think of the heart of things anymore. Game had a point, they'll take time to talk down to their own through mixtapes, but wont take time to support their own. What happened to everyone being a family and coming together? Man, disregard the question, it's a new day and people are acting like cavemen. The fact that one of the best rappers alive said he feels as if he doesn't belong in hip-hop, that's deep. Having to seperate yourself from what you love because everyone else is poluting it with garbage. Alot of these rappers need to grow up.

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