Expenses List

I did like a ba-jillion of these. But this is about to be the official one:

Sprint Instinct-375
Nike SB Donatello-130
Nike SB Griptape-90
Nike SB Lebanon-75
Jordan Package 19/4-150 (don't ask)
New PSP-170
New Nintendo DS-130

All this stuff will not be bought through the course of this summer, some stuff is going to take close to a year to get. Im hustling hard, the legal way.

I swear, my mom is the reason why I can never get a hot phone (I still love her though). Like everytime I am ready to get a new phone, she calls it off telling me to wait. Two summers ago, I wanted the Fusic, she then dropped dead on that and said no. Last summer I wanted the Mogul, she said yes at the beginning of the summer. Comes time for me to get paid, she says wait don't buy it yet. Then I end up not getting it, for some odd reason I don't know. Now here is the Sprint Instinct, the hottest phone that I have seen from Sprint. I see it on the internet while I'm at school, I know I am going to make that phone mine. As soons as school ends, I am home and I tell mom that I will be getting the phone. That's all I really want this summer. She said cool, the phone released on the 20th, and since school ended to yesterday, I have been telling her I am getting that phone with her replying "I don't care, it doesn't matter". That's great, so yesterday rolls around and she says wait until August. AARRRGGHHHH WHHYYYYYY, she said the new phones roll around every month, I don't want another phone to come out, I want that phone. Then she says she can probably find it for me for cheap. Man I have been patient with her saying that I can get the phone, now I have to wait even longer. Keep in mind that my sister had a Katana and just got a freaking fresh Mogul. She is 14! what does she need with a Mogul?!? I wanted that phone, and Mom has a smooth Palm pilot, I have always had the slow busted looking phones. I even remember Mom telling me I needed a new phone. I swear, August 1st that phone will be mine! Okay, I'm done.

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