Who wins this one.

Old school rapper Ice-T recently said that Soulja Boi single handedly killed hip-hop with his music. Ice-T is a hip-hop legend, and knows plenty about the industry.

Ice-T commenting Soulja Boi

Soulja Boi saw the video and responded with some words of his own.

Soulja Boi responding

Then Ice-T wanted to come back with some "wisdom words".

Honestly, I am going to have to rock with Soulja Boi on this one. Soulja Boi said it all in the last few minutes. Ice-T should be commending Soulja Boi on his success and impact on the community. He made millions off of one song and has a lot of kids looking up to him. Now don't get me wrong, I am not an avid listener of Soulja Boi at ALL (though that Shoot 'Em Up crankage be getting me hype), but an artist deserves their respect when it comes to their hustle. Bow Wow, is a cornball to the fullest to me, wack and corny! But he has money and his making money doing what he loves, so I definitely can't knock him for that. 50 Cent, is annoying as hell as a person, but know this, that man is smart as hell and is making his money doing what he loves. Again, I will die before I knock him for that, with the exception of Bow Wow, these guys came out of some hard times and is now living the good life. Ice-T needs to understand that music has changed, and so has the ears and hearts of the listeners. Ice-T is done and made his money, why does he feel the need to start a war with a teenager who is doing what he loves? Why does he feel the need to publicly tell a 17 year old successful hip-hop artist to eat a dick? An issue of maturity is at stake here, and how does Soulja Boi start a war when he was attacked first. Is Soulja Boi attacking the West Coast by defending his rights as a hip-hop artist? Ice-T has to think some things through. Now, maybe the message Soulja Boi is putting up isn't all that appropriate. Yes, that has something to do with him as well as the parents of these children. C'mon Ice-T, let home boy do his thing.

Sidebar: Kanye spoke on this too. He as well was on Soulja Boi's side and felt the same way I did. But no way in hell are you going to compare Soulja Boi to Nas. Ye lost mad points off that one.

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