The Spotlight: Mickey Factz

Okay, normally I am really not phased by all these underground/striving/up and coming artist. The Cool Kids scratched the surface as well as The Kidz In the Hall, but this guy right here just breaks the ice. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mickey Factz. From Bronx, New York, Mickey Factz has a flow that just sounds endless. His style meets more than just hip hop, he touches rock, techno, dance, etc. This is truly someone to look for in the up and coming years. The one track that caught me the most was his track featuring N.E.R.D. called "Don't Be Light"; which is an ode to not taking life for granted and living it the right way. He also just did a song called Overdose on Life with Drake and Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes. That song is a supposedly leak song off a new mixtape soon to come. He has two mixtapes, one called In Search of the NERD, where he flows on beats from N.E.R.D. from In Search Of and Fly Or Die, and Flashback Vol.1: Back To The Future. I listened to the In Search of the N.E.R.D. mixtape and trust me, I was going crazy. You can download both mixtapes at www.gfcny.com. Do yourself a favor and get ready for this movement, he is about to produce an international eargasm.

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