my name is joshua [slick].

....and i have a secret

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fiasco said...

"I get a lot of back lash for saying what im going to do. i love saying what i think because it keeps me accountable. once i say it, i feel like i have to do it and i love proving to everyone that i can! its like using public opinion as a motivational tool instead of its common role of degradation. if i kept it to myself, at any point, i could easily give up on my goal because no one would have known what i was trying to do." -- kanye west

one day kid. one day. people are gonna look back on this blog and see that there is something real in life. that there are people trying to better themselves and the people around them. one day kid. the world is gonna know your name. but dont go looking for fame and fortune, cos if you didnt know, youre already i local celebrity. real talk...