soooo dope....

This is what the fuck I'm talking about, excuse my language. First off let's state the obvious, Cudi sort of took the Kanye route and made more than one video for the song. The second video just so happens to be weirder than the first video. Plain and simple, this video is dope. I get the message where he repeatedly returns to his couch after trying to get up. Trying to move but can't, trying to get as far as you think you can-only to end up back and square one. Or simply, trying to find happiness but can't. I mean, the song is called "The Pursuit of Happiness". As far as the people with costumes, I'm just going to hope Cudi comes out with a blog deciphering them. That goes beyond my thinking, oh yea-smooth outfit too. Regular, but still fly. It makes me want to throw some hot stuff out tomorrow.

...but i gotta do laundry :-(,


Fun fact: Cudi was the main reason why I had my hair grown out with the shape up. Safe to say operation sort of failed.

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