slick and winzlow's fight on the ice!!!

Me and Carl are friend's and no we are not fighting. We had to think of something to get everyone's nosey asses jumping. So here it is yall, this is something we thought of to get people out the house and do something new...Ice Skating. The rink is Mount Pleasant Ice Arena, located at 6101 Hillen Road, Baltimore MD 21239. It aint free, but $6 dollars ($4 for admission, $2 for skate rentals) can't be that bad. We are there 8:00-10:30pm which is the close so we are going to rock until the wheels fall off. Now, in the Facebook Group, we purposely invited everyone because we want to see everyone. We don't care what beefs are intact or whatsoever, we are begging you...come out and have fun.

"rhyme wise I do the figure 8 so precisely",


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