holla at ya mazon....

Now for starters, this is not an actual physical event. So there's no driving needed or money spent for the record. Anyways, out of the 234 people that are invited, I handpicked 23 out of the 600 and something even people out of my friends list for this event. Either you (A): Know what Mazon's grind has been about and what he's been doing for the past few months, or (B): I believe you simply understand what good music really is. Now to be very frank, I HATE when people normally tag you in their "freestyles" that they have made on their web-cams, as well as their mixtapes that are pretty much...not good. However, lean to the though that I would NEVER associate myself with a project that is not quality. Ladies and gentleman I present to you, quality-and you know how critical I am when it comes to quality music. Mazon's newest mixtape "The Reminder" is more than a testimony, it's a milestone in his life. I for one am glad to be a serious supporting role in this, so I ask to do yourself this favor and support. How? On April 13th, 2010 at 12:00 am, with a click of a button you would have supported. Simple as that, next step is on you. Either you listen and be amazed or you miss the train. But trust me, he's definitely going to take you some where.



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