take over-the breaks over,

What a shame? Not even, and to be honest I never been in such a stank disposition when it came to snow. I remember when I was in elementary school, and the punk ass weather man would say all the snow dates that would get us super hype. Next thing you're waking up to a bare ground and you got school at 9:00 in the morning. Being in college, that is FAR from the case and it blows. 3 feet of snow, please, it definitely had the juice to bring the devious side out of most people.

Starting with the garbage guys, haven't picked up our trash all week. Now the back of my apartment looks like Baltimore's City Dump-which oh so wrong in oh so many ways lol. While walking and taking these pics, like I felt a bit...bothered. Like being in the house all week with hardly any food and what not. It just seemed like I was really irritable against people. Then I walked into the little grocery store up the street only to find that they hardly had anything. It just seemed extra "weird" that they hardly had anything. But I mean, it is snow crazy outside and it should make sense to me. I guess that's what Cabin Fever is all about. Sort of. I managed though. One thing is for certain, all of this snow wasn't normal to me AT ALL.

I really started looking at things sideways once I saw these guys, like don't they only pop up where there are beaches and super big parking lots like Target?

One thing that REALLY sent me off edge, was that it took them FOREVER to plow are roads. Like forever as in, they just plowed it last night. I couldn't go anywhere even if I wanted to lol. It's what's expected though I guess, because these Baltimore streets are all types of hell compared to Silver Spring. I am grateful for the snow though, being locked in here gave me time to reflect on a boat load of things. Like I got back to having a scribble fest in my journal, 8 pages and a quarter last night. That's taking back to my old high school ways lol. Man I though I knew it all, boy..I got a lot of maturing to do.

big announcement coming this week,


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