i got a new toy...

If you were paying attention to the picture of me in the other post you would have seen things were a bit more....."solid". A new year starts with a new backpack, and to be honest-I made that off the top of my head and I actually believe it lol. The old bag of skittles that I used to haul around....I actually hate it. I never knew a bag so boring, let's not forget the fact that two other people on this campus have it. So that means it would have been three of us trying to look like me. I'll let those guys have it. Shout out to Ashlee, she knocked out two of the four things I really want. Now I call that some SERIOUS ass love. I love the bag, it has pockets for days-and it honestly looks better than any backpack I ever had. It's going to feel good carrying at least a 3.0's worth of work in that bag. Thanks Ash.

oh yea...

how do you like my new toy,


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Ashlee said...

No problem love! The gifts we're just outta love!!