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I never really had an opinion on massive jewelry, but if I had to say something-I'd think it's pretty ridiculous; I mean that in the meanest way possible. I never been a guy to curse people for spending beaucoup bred on any type of item. My theory is if you got it, flaunt it. Now, having $500 to your name and wanting to buy a $475 chain or anything is NOT having. If you have enough bred for you to sit comfortably then that's having it. Try having double or triple the cost of the what you want to buy, and pleeeeaaasseee let it be something you like rather than something hyped. Now I'm done with the money management talk because Lord knows I need to eat my own word. However, the basis of this post...

...the only thing I can say about this is WOW. The whole idea is just mind blowing. Like if jewelry is handled correctly, it can look sooo good and it would be worth every penny. Especially if it's a creation that's your own. But if you're just doing it to do it, you can end up making yourself look really ridiculous. Who's chain is this by the way?

Who else? I really think a lot of people forget the stunt Pharrell used to be on back in the day. I believe he single handedly had the best chain next to the G-Unit spinny thingy and the Cash Money Records Chain. Pharrell is known for all types of bling, so this is nothing new. It's just the idea behind it is what intrigues me, everyone understands that he's a serious Mario Kart Wii fanatic, just like I. It just caught me off guard because it looks sooooo dope. Now I've been thinking of getting a simple chain that will represent me, Kanye's "all-black-everything-movement" kind of tweaked my nerve into this. I have ideas that aren't expensive and are pretty dope. I'm thinking of doing all three of my ideas and wearing only like one. I want to be known, plain and simple, and things like a single solitary chain with meaning goes a long way, at least to me. So I'll keep you all posted on my chain game.

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